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What is ReputationAlert?

  • We alert you when positive or negative comments are made about your business, allowing you to share positive reviews and respond to negative comments.
  • We track your business across thousands of social media platforms, social networking sites, blogs and news sites and consolidate it into one easy to understand dashboard.
  • We compare how often people talk about you versus your competitors.
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Track Your Business' Online Visibility

Ensure your business is listed on the top Internet search engines, directories and websites that specialize in your business type.

See the Social Buzz about Your Business

Update your social status with one-click social publishing that makes it easy to aggressively promote your business to the top three most popular social networks immediately.

See What Consumers Say about Your Business

We will pull reviews from influential sites like Yelp and Citysearch giving you the ability to see what consumers are saying about your business.

24/7 Online Reputation Monitoring

We'll monitor hundreds of places on the Internet for all mentions, reviews and listings related to your company.

Monitor Your Online Business Mentions

See the results of all key word searches regarding your business broken into convenient categories.

Compare Your Business with Your Competitors

Compare your business' online reputation with your competitors to see how you stack up against them.

ReputationAlert Frequently Asked Questions
What does ReputationAlert do?

ReputationAlert is a tool that lets you track and manage your online visibility and reputation by pulling content from around the web into one convenient dashboard.

What are Mentions?

Mentions are any piece of content that we retrieve that matches your search criteria, including a blog post, Tweet, forum post, comment, photo or news article.

What does Visibility Mean?

The Visibility tab shows you where your business is listed on the top Internet search engines, directories and websites that specialize in your business type. You will see where your business is located and what listings you need to add your business too.

Will I be notified if there are changes to my online reputation?

Yes, you will receive notifications monthly regarding any changes to your online reputation.

How often are results updated?

Sources are scanned continuously and automatically to bring you the most complete and up-to-date data.