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Local Leads from customers in your area

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LeadsbyWeb finds people online that are looking for your specific products and services in your area and gets them to call you.

  • Your Business Appears in Sponsored Listings We bid on the words that describe what you sell, you get instant exposure.
  • Your Location is Displayed for Local Searches We build a detailed map listing so people who are looking for what you sell can find you.
  • You Build Trust with Google We select the right words, write content that Google likes, and do all the things necessary to get your business to show up.

Turn Visits into Leads A conversion Leadsite makes sure prospects not only find you, but they call you.

Gain More Exposure Top search engine ranking help your business come up wherever and however people search.

Get the Right Customers Your customized local online marketing plan gets you the type of business you want.

Keep Getting Better Ongoing campaign optimization means we work every day to make your campaign get better and better.

Drive Predictable Results We are so good at our job, we can tell you how many people will call you each and every month.

Understand What Works Your dashboard shows you how your campaign is performing in real time. You can even listen to calls.

1. We start by having you tell us what you want to sell and where you want to sell it We aren't your typical internet marketing company. We know one size doesn't fit all. Local marketing all starts with setting goals. We work with you one-on-one to make sure we understand exactly what you want to sell and where you want to sell it.

2. Then we find the words people use most when they search for what you want to sell We do research to figure out what words people actually use when they are searching for what you do. This is the foundation of effective local online marketing. Our campaigns focus on getting your business found by people who don't know you but who need your services.

3. The next step is writing content that Google likes The key to local SEO marketing is content. Our team writes internet marketing SEO content that uses the words we've chosen. We do this so that Google will recognize your business when people search for what you do using those words.

4. We build you a Leadsite: a type of website that gets people to call you Internet marketing for small business is all about getting the phones to ring. The website we build you doesn't talk about everything you do. It gives people just enough information so that they want to call you to learn more. We also create a mobile version of this site so that people using smartphones have a simple way of finding you.

5. Your local map listing is created on Google We work with you to claim your local map listing on Google. We build out your detailed listing and do all of the things needed to give you the best shot at showing up in the top 7 spots.

6. Search Engine Optimization gets Google to trust you long term We develop a custom keyword strategy based on your business goals. Our SEO team discovers the terms people use when searching for your services in your local market. We build links to your site to improve your search engine rankings.

7. Launching your Pay-per-Click campaign helps get your phone to ring Your small business internet marketing campaign includes paid advertising. We create and launch paid campaigns on Google, Bing and SuperPages. We focus on variations of the words we selected, we create ads, and we bid appropriately to make sure your business shows up. This, done right, is the best way to get immediate results in business internet marketing.

8. We refine your program over time to get more and more people to call you Other internet marketing companies it and forget it. Our goal as a local internet marketing firm is to get you the most out of your campaign. We will track everything: every click, every call and every email. You can always look at your scorecard see how your campaign is working for you.

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