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Avoiding the #1 e-business Disaster

Your site is down. Customers find nothing at your Web address. Or worse, they find someone else's Web site. Maybe your competitor's. Or content that embarrasses them. It's a disaster. Your online business may never recover. How could this happen?

Too easily. Among the most common causes of this awful scenario is the routine expiration of a Web address. Sometimes it happens because renewal notices go to unused or abandoned email addresses, or to ex-employees who don't respond. Occasionally people simply forget to renew their Web addresses.

You can take three measures to prevent accidental expiration from damaging your business. First, check your contact information and make sure the email address listed for the administrative, billing, and technical contacts is yours. (Consider getting a permanent email address that won't change when you switch providers or jobs.) Second, renew your Web address for a multi-year term--you won't have to worry about renewing every year, and you'll also save money. Third, sign up for an automatic renewal program that will charge your credit card for another year of registration if you don't renew by a certain date. calls its version of this service SafeRenew™, and offers it free-of-charge.

Starting and growing your online business takes too much work to risk losing it all over a lapsed Web address registration.

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