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Grow Your Most Valuable Asset--Your Email List

Email can enhance your customer relationships and help you find new clients, but building an effective list takes diligence and creativity. Email list building specialist offers the following tips to strengthen your email list:

Email is among the most affordable and immediate methods available to small businesses. By collecting email addresses and permission on your homepage, and everywhere else possible, you can take advantage of every opportunity to solidify your existing customer relationships and turn one-time visitors and prospects into your best customers.

Recruit members on your site
One easy way to collect email addresses and permission is through a signup box on your Web site.

Let members opt-in through your correspondence
Place a 'join our mailing list' link in the email signature of your regular correspondence. The link should go to your home page or the most appropriate page of your site where your signup tag is prominently displayed.

Maintain a guest book in your office or store
Place a guest book prominently by the register or receptionist. Remind employees to ask customers if they would like to receive your email newsletter, special promotions, or notification of private sales and events.

Collect email addresses at every chance
Make sure that you, your sales staff, customer service reps, and other employees collect email addresses and permission at every point of contact:
On customer service, sales, and support calls
On invoices, statements, brochures, customer surveys, and feedback forms
At tradeshows and events
In conjunction with other marketing efforts like radio, print, direct mail or TV advertising
Article courtesy of, makers of Constant Contact do-it-yourself email marketing software. To learn more about Constant Contact take a tour.

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