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Build Stronger Customer Relationships One Email at a Time

How often do you email your best customers? Most major online retailers owe at least part of their success to regular email communication with their customers. Whether they're announcing discounts, sending reminders about holidays or occasions, helping customers use their products, or delivering the latest news, top companies use email to stay in touch with their best clients.

Sometimes these messages pay off directly by arriving just as some customers are about to buy, but the benefits of email communication are usually less immediate--and often more valuable. If your messages help build customer loyalty, recipients will choose you over your competitors; they'll buy more frequently, and most important, they'll become voluntary marketers, recommending you to others. Your messages can also provide an ideal way to collect feedback from the customers whose views are most important to you.

No one knows better than you how to talk to your customers, but some general rules of thumb can help make your messages more effective:

- Make them welcome. Always provide a prominent, easy way for recipients to opt-out of receiving future communications from you. Better still, invite your customers to opt-in to receiving email from you.
- Make them relevant. You know your customers, and you probably know their interests and needs. Your emails should reflect this.
- Make them short. And when they contain a lot of information, make it easy for readers to find what they want. Then get to the point.

Several dependable, affordable programs exist to help manage your list and create and send messages without investing in software or outsourced solutions. Learn more about one, ConstantContact from, a partner.

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