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Put a Face on That Name

Your Web site exists to tell people about your business. So if visitors are serious about becoming your customers, they don't need pictures, they need words, right? Not necessarily. Pictures, especially images of people, make visitors more comfortable and may even encourage them to read more about you. Friendly faces on your site can represent your typical customers, the employees your customers will work with, even you. To add a smiling face to your site, there are two ways to go:
(A) Use your own. Use a digital camera or have prints scanned (Kinko's can do this if you can't). Save the image as a .jpg file and try to keep the file size as low as you can get away with--I'd suggest a resolution around 72 dpi.

(B) Buy someone else's. Sites like,, and sell photos, illustrations, and animation. Buy the lowest resolution and smallest sized images for Web use.
Jennifer Frost is Art Director at

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