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Naming Conventions for Web Graphics and Files

Sometimes what you do behind the scenes makes a big impact on how easy it is to manage your site. Your visitors may not see (or care about) your file names, but by establishing and following a system of naming conventions, you'll be able to easily find and identify files without opening them.

I recommend:

• Not using spaces
• Using only alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores
• Using only lowercase letters
• Always using the proper file type extension
• Adding a number to the end of graphics of the same image
• Organizing graphics by where they're used. We use these:

     h_ (for headers)
     sh_ for sub headers)
     b_ (for buttons)
     gen_ (for general items used on multiple pages)

And keep it short (but make sure the names makes sense).

Jennifer Frost is Art Director at

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