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Mailbox Management: Juggling Multiple Email Accounts

If you've begun using your business' Web address for email, you may have noticed a frustrating aspect of using multiple addresses--checking mail at different places.

A popular solution is to use POP3 to route mail from multiple accounts into a common mail manager (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) on your desktop. This functionality is built into's email service, and available through many others. Even Yahoo! email accounts offer POP3, although they charge a small upgrade fee to use it. Apart from convenience, routing your multiple email addresses to Outlook allows you to use more sophisticated features than many Web-based email accounts offer.

If you prefer the flexibility of an email account that you can check from anywhere, you can usually route mail from other sources to your Web-based account. If you use's Web-based email, the "external mail" area of the "Preferences" section tells you how to do this. You can also forward mail to other Web-based mail clients (i.e. Yahoo! mail).

There's one downside...

Be careful when you reply to email routed from multiple addresses. Unless you're vigilant, your return address may not match the one to which the original message was sent.

Peter Girard is Director of Marketing Communications at

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