Account Recovery

For business accounts, the Account Holder assigns the Primary Contact as the legal representative, with full authority to act on behalf of the Account Holder to manage the account. If you are familiar with who the Primary Contact is on an account, you can ask them to make you the Primary Contact by logging into the Account Manager, or they can add you as an Administrative or a Technical Contact on the account.

In the instance where the current Primary Contact is unable to be make changes to the account, and you would like to replace them and become the Primary Contact you can fill out the below form.

Additionally, if you are an existing contact on an account and your email address is no longer valid and needs to be updated, please complete the following required form.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION- before starting the process we recommend you gather the required supporting documentation that will be required to update your account.

Primary Contact Changes:

You must submit a Notarized Letter or Affidavit from an Officer of the Company along with a government issued id for the person requesting to become the Primary contact.

Additionally, you must submit any 2 of the following recent documents:

  • Utility Bill
  • Business License
  • Letter of Incorporation
  • A Tax Return or Tax ID Document

A total of 4 documents are required to update the Primary Contact on the account.

If the address on the account does not match the address you have provided in the form, please make sure it matches the address on the supporting documentation provided.

Primary Email Change:

You will be prompted to submit the following recent documents:

  • Government Issued Photo ID,
  • Utility bill
  • A notarized statement.

Please make sure that the address on the utility bill matches the address on your photo ID.

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