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Myles / Barry
Myles Trachtenberg and Barry Bassin, Web Tools Gurus
Register.com Chief Information Officer Myles Trachtenberg and Director of Web Services Barry Bassin have definite opinions about the web. Both bring years of experience - Myles in technology leadership and Barry in web design and strategy. Their opinions may differ but you'll always find helpful information when these two match wits on the web's hottest issues.
Web Tools Articles
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Learn how to spot an email scam

The WebTools Gurus welcome guest writer Steven Vine (Deputy General Counsel at Register.com) who tells readers how to spot an email scam. Steven also offers some great additional resources to help you find (and avoid) potential phishing scams.

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Small business best practices to reduce spam

Isn't it frustrating when you open your business email and before you can respond to your customers or email your suppliers, you have to wade through mountains of spam? Learn how to protect your business and reduce spam from our WebTools Gurus.

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Read the gurus' top picks for great online business tools

If you're starting a business on a shoestring, you no longer have to worry about spending money on high-priced software to get your small business up and running. Thanks to new Web-based software, you can turn on your computer and start working today. Read our two webtools guru's top picks for great online tools.

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