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Learning Center Editor, Wendy Kennedy, offers domain tips on SmallBizTrends.com. Read more

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Register.com is happy to welcome Scott Ginsberg (that guy with the nametag) as a contributor to the Learning Center. Through a series of short videos, Scott tells entrepreneurs and small business owners how to 'stick yourself out there' and get noticed. You can learn more from Scott in the below video and in his interview found in the News section of the Learning Center.

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Learning Center Editor Wendy Kennedy talks about why anyone would spend thousands on a domain name on SmallBizTrends.com.

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Uncover an innovate way to improve your website conversion rates

In this article, our partners at SitePal suggest how small businesses can cost-effectively improve their bottom line by focusing on the website conversion rate. The article also discusses an easy-to-use, affordable and innovative technology small businesses can use to achieve a higher conversion rate and improve customer satisfaction.

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Finding and winning a domain name at auction

If you've searched for a domain name recently, you are well aware that many of the best domain names are already registered. All hope is not lost, however. There are several ways you can find and register a domain for your business that may currently be registered by someone else. Here our partners at SnapNames.com to offer some explanation and advice for bidding on a domain name in an auction.

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Tips to stay in touch with customers and give your small biz a 'big company' image

With a good, professional website your business can easily compete with the big guys in your industry. The ability to look and act like an industry leader is one of the advantages a quality website can give you - but did you know there are additional technology solutions that can enhance your brand and help you build your 'big business' image?

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Insight into the elements that make your domain more than just a name.

Your domain name or website address is the core of your online brand but did you know it could also be a driver of traffic to your site and a factor in the SEO ranking your site achieves through the search engines. In choosing your domain name, there are several 'strategies' to consider. Here are some examples of how big companies have made their domain more powerful.

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Five great reasons why you might consider registering a premium domain

Premium or pre-registered domain names are gaining popularity as an alternative to new domains and a great way for businesses to register a website address that will best reflect their business. Here are some reasons why considering a premium domain to build your online brand might benefit your small business or organization.

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