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Learn How You Can Get Noticed

Scott Ginsberg Tells Entrepreneurs to Stick Themselves Out There

Summary: Register.com is happy to welcome Scott Ginsberg (that guy with the nametag) as a contributor to the Learning Center. Through a series of short videos, Scott tells entrepreneurs and small business owners how to 'stick yourself out there' and get noticed. We sat down with Scott to learn more about his philosophy, his successes and how he became known as that guy with the nametag.
Keywords: Small business advice, small business best practices

WENDY: By way of introduction, tell us a little about yourself and why you are 'that guy with the nametag'.

SCOTT: I started wearing a nametag when I was in college, just for fun. Sort of an experiment. Amazingly, people were substantially friendlier and more approachable, so I decided to wear it FOR-EVER. Now, at the time, I had no intention of starting my own company. But a year after the first nametag was slapped on, I started writing my first book, HELLO, my name is Scott! When it came out a year later upon graduation in 2002, I started my company of the same name. Now, six years later, here I am making a career as a writer/speaker/consultant! And I'm still wearing my nametag 2,871 days straight ;)

WENDY: Your newest venture, NameTagTV.com is a very different approach to online resources - tell us a little about what NameTagTV is.

SCOTT: NameTagTV is an online learning community that teaches business people how to GET noticed, GET remembered and GET business. Unlike a traditional website, NTV is 100% video based. I offer three minute modules on a variety of topics in an educational, digestible and fun way. You can watch new videos regularly on how to become more approachable in service, sales, conversations and even in your marketing. What's more, The Nametag Forums provide a message board and discussion venue where you can brainstorm, ask questions and share ideas. It's only been online for about six months now, and in the next year, we'll have a PREMIUM channel, in which paid subscribers will be able to watch my most exclusive videos; as well as an online training login page for my clients for whom I design custom training modules.

WENDY: You use the mantra "stick yourself out there" frequently, can you tell us what that means to you and why it's such an important concept for small business owners - particularly those looking to get their business on the web?

SCOTT: If you get noticed, you get remembered. And if you get remembered, you get business. Period. Nobody notices normal, and that's why being "approachable" (online AND offline) is the secret. So, when I say "stick yourself out there," that could mean on your blog, on your business card, on your website, in your marketing materials, even with your domain name! It's about magnifying your uniqueness. Not being "different." Different is for amateurs. This is about creating an unforgettable brand that magnetizes people.

WENDY: You also talk a lot about approachability - can you tell us about what this means and what businesses (of all sizes) could learn from this concept?

SCOTT: Approachability is the core of my philosophy. Based on the nametag adventures, I've learned what this word means. It comes from the latin term, "apropriare," which means "to come nearer to." So, it's a two way street. Sticking yourself out there AND getting people to come to you. And you need to do both. Not just interpersonally, but also online. I call that being "e-pproachable." You need to be That Guy. To make the mundane memorable. Especially in such a high-trust, information overload culture, being approachable is going to make you a LOT of money.

WENDY: Aside from being a coach and motivator, you're also a small business owner - so what advice do you have for someone who is just considering starting their own small business?

SCOTT: When people rent my brain (that's my coaching/consulting department, by the way), the top ten ideas I pound into them are:

  1. Writing is the basis of all wealth. And if you don't write it down, it never happened.
  2. Don't be stopped by not knowing HOW. Focus on the WHAT for now, and figure out the HOW later.
  3. Don't "target market." Reverse it. Concentrate on making yourself into a giant bull's-eye, not an arrow.
  4. Don't force remarkability for the sake of being remarkable, otherwise it won't be authentic.
  5. The more you give away for free, the wealthier you will be.
  6. Monopolize the listening. Listen louder. Grow bigger ears.
  7. If you don't set clear boundaries for yourself, people will set them for you. And then they will violate them. And it will be YOUR fault.
  8. Nobody can EVER take away what you've become.
  9. You are what you charge.
  10. Take your business seriously, but don't take your SELF seriously.

WENDY: Do you have anything else that you'd like to share with our readers?

SCOTT: Actually, I put together a special list for the readers of this newsletter. It's called "50 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask." If people would like a copy of it, I'd be happy to email them. They can send an email to scott@hellomynameisscott.com and we'll take care of 'em!

WATCH: How are you creating a memorable presence in your community?

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