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Sandy Ross, Customer Service Guru
Sandy Ross is passionate about Customer Service so you might have guessed he is also the Senior VP in charge of Register.com's award winning customer sales and service team in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Sandy believes that, no matter what business you are in, you should never miss an opportunity to do your best for your customers.
Customer Service Articles
The top things you should be doing now to keep current and future customers.

If your Web site is up and it's helping you find customers and make sales, then you're ready for the next step: Make sure those customers stay with you and return to buy more.

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Turn customer comments into actions to improve your online service quality

Your customers hold the key to providing online service that will set your business apart from the competition. What's more, in the competitive online marketplace - a differentiator like quality service could translate into significant revenue for your business. Here are some easy ways that you can listen to what your customers are saying, and turn those comments into actions to make a difference in your online service quality.

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How better information can help you keep more customers

In today's online world, many consumers do not want to wait for an answer to a question - particularly when an answer to that question is needed to complete an online purchase. In many cases the lack of information needed to complete on online transaction will cause consumers to leave a website - without purchasing - and go to another site where making a purchase may seem easier or where better information about how to complete a transaction is available. To prevent this from happening to your site, you might want to consider posting and frequently updating FAQs as tool to retain and convert your website visitors.

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Small Business Advice for personal online customer service

In companies across the globe customer service is changing to personal service and driving great results. Here is some small business advice, derived from our experience at Register.com, to help you provide the best (personal) online customer service to your clients.

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Tips on what to avoid when using the web to build customer loyalty

How important are loyal customers? According to a survey conducted by research firm WebSideStory Inc., visitors who return to a site are eight times more likely to make an online purchase. To keep visitors returning to your site be sure to avoid these common customer service pitfalls.

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How to learn more about your online customers

Most of the small business customers I talk to know they can use their website to communicate information TO their customers but some miss the opportunity to use their site to gain more information FROM their customers. Regardless of the industry you are in - knowing your customers is critical to meeting their needs. Here's some easy ways to improve your online (and offline) customer service by learning more about your customer base.

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Tips to improve customer service through the web

Online transactions are certainly less personal then the face-to-face interactions you have with clients in your store or office but that doesn't mean you shouldn't focus on providing excellent customer service for your online customers. One sure-fire way to keep customers coming back is to treat them well - online or offline. Here are some tips to help you "turn up" the level of service you provide and keep your customers coming back for more.

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