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It's your domain. Protect it from expiring.


Domain Expiration Protection keeps your domain registered to you for 1 year after the expiration date—even if you’re unable to renew. It's like having insurance for your domain. Get it for only $10/domain.

Greater peace of mind? It's yours with Domain Expiration Protection.

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Keep what’s yours

DEP keeps your domain name active and registered to you for a full year

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Avoid the fees

Forget paying late fees and charges for reinstating your expired domain or buying it back

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Protect your investment

Keeps you from permanently losing your domain due to payment issues


DEP is like insurance for your registered domain. It keeps your domain secure after it expires. You’ll retain ownership of your domain, so you won’t risk having to buy it back from a reseller for a hefty price. Plus, any reinstatement fees are covered.

DEP is tied to an existing renewal term. If you buy or renew your domain for 1 year and add DEP, the protection is good until the end of that year. It will not carry over if you renew for additional years after the transaction.

DEP will kick in so you have nothing to worry about. Your domain will be protected for one year until your domain renews again. 

Once DEP is activated, you’ll still need to pay for the renewal of the domain to have all the functionality restored.

DEP is one flat price that lasts for the duration of your domain term. If you purchase or renew your domain for 1 year, it will last 1 year. If you purchase or renew your domain for 8 years, it will last the entire 8 years. DEP is connected to your domain purchase and offers extra value and longer term protection when purchasing or renewing the associated domain for longer periods.

Because your domain is expired, it will not function. DEP makes sure it will remain in your account–under your ownership–for one year.

Our DEP service is available for most domain extensions. 

The following extensions are not eligible for DEP:

  • .ac
  • .am
  • .at
  • .be
  • .ch
  • .cz
  • .de
  • .es
  • .eu
  • .fm
  • .io
  • .jp
  • .li
  • .mx
  • .nl
  • .nu
  • .pl
  • .ru
  • .sg
  • .sh


No. We can only protect domain names registered with us. However, if you want to add DEP to a domain you own, which is registered somewhere else, you can transfer your domain and add DEP at that time.