Handholding Included

The Register.com Difference: 9 Values
1 Our superior service is what sets us apart
All representatives are full time staff, recruited and trained by Register.com.
2 Expert advice from seasoned professionals
Our Web Services Consultants are trained to help you choose, set up and use the Web services that will best meet your goals.
3 Easy-to-use tools
Our tools are easy-to-use and we provide guides and tutorials to get you started. Plus, our expert Web Services Consultants are always standing by to help you.
5 Protection from expiration
We offer an automatic renewal service to help protect you from accidentally losing your domain name if you miss your expiration notices. We'll even call to alert you of your expiration date.
6 A trusted professional provider
Register.com is an established and trusted company that's been in business for more than 10 years. We're here when you need us.
7 Satisfied customers
We consistently get high customer satisfaction scores from our customers. We also welcome many new customers every day as a result of personal referrals.
8 Responsive to customer needs
On average, 70% of phone calls into our call center are answered in less than 50 seconds. Plus, we excel in what our customers want most when they call us: In 2004, 65% of the customer inquiries were resolved with just one contact.
9 Keeping the customer in focus
Our focus is on helping small business owners succeed. We meet with small business owners and listen to their goals so we can offer services to meet their needs.
10 High tech. High touch
We know it can be a daunting task to understand what services you need to accomplish your goals. We can explain the difference between a simple Web site that serves as an electronic brochure and a full-featured eCommerce Web site for selling products.

Call us any time and let us walk you through the steps to getting your business online. Handholding is always included.