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What is Google Workspace?

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Wondering what Google Workspace is and how it can help your business?

Google Workspace is a SaaS tool that takes your business’ emailing, calendaring, teamwork, communication, and document creation to the next level.

In this post, we’re discussing how you can leverage all the tools Google Workspace offers, like Gmail, Sheets, Calendar, and more. Keeping reading to find out how it can benefit your business.

The power of Google Workspace for Online Business

You’re probably all too aware that, these days, using a personal email for your business isn’t the best way to make a good impression with potential customers. Like having your own website, a professional email address grants you a sense of trustworthiness, signaling to customers that you’re a legitimate operation.

When you purchase Google Workspace, you get all the benefits of Gmail and more, except it’s personalized with your branding. This way, you get to have the best of both worlds, a professional email address that matches your domain name.

Google Workspace’s Gmail for Business

Google is ubiquitous. Chances are you’re familiar with their email tool, Gmail, and have likely used a free version either for business or personal use.  While the free version provides plenty of horsepower for personal use, that’s not true for business needs.

Google Workspace provides the paid version of Gmail and was designed specifically for businesses of any size. With Google Workspace and, you receive a package of products and cloud-based services that allow you to communicate and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere on any device. Your company is armed with an intuitive and fantastic set of Google tools meant to improve communication and optimize workflow.

How Google Workspace Helps Your Business

Google Workspace is comprised of a variety of cloud-based apps meant to aid your organization with collaboration, communication, and productivity.

Google Workspace apps generally fall into one of the following three categories.

Communication Tools

The following G Suite applications help improve your team’s ability to act and react in real time, share messages, and stay in touch. They include:


The most obvious feature of Google Workspace. A paid subscription via grants you a professional email address that matches your domain name. Depending on the G Suite package you choose, this email address allows users to store data and messages anywhere from 30 gigabytes to multiple terabytes.


This time-management and scheduling service lets Workspace users create and share a schedule, meeting, or pitch. With it, teams can plan out delivery schedules and due dates. They can also highlight important dates or times. Since it is cloud-based, you can share your calendar with other people at the business, allowing them to check your schedule for availability.


Not long ago, Google rolled out Meet, a beefier version of the older Hangouts meant for medium to large businesses. This app allows anywhere from 50 to 100 users to participate in a video conference call simultaneously. This version allows for phone dial-in, recording of the meeting, and high-resolution video.

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Collaboration Tools

Google Workspace relies on cloud computing to revolutionize the way business documents are created, used, and shared. Each service comes with a plethora of easy-to-use templates. Any changes made to the document are made in real-time and saved automatically, preventing document loss while also keeping editors accountable for who wrote what, who made a change, or who made a note. These products include:


Docs was Google’s take on a Microsoft Word-like tool in the cloud. As a result, documents can be edited, disseminated, and altered rapidly without any fear of losing files. Documents can be shared in edit mode or view-only mode, so only the right people can make modifications to the material. Docs also work seamlessly with Microsoft Word, allowing you to convert a word file to docs or vice versa.


Google’s reimagining of Excel, this easy-to-use but extremely powerful spreadsheet service, lets users create charts, graphs, tables, and formulas to both enhance and simplify spreadsheet management. The dozens of templates allow a person to dive in immediately, no matter what device they’re using. Open, create, and change your spreadsheets from wherever you work. 


Forms allow a person to gather and optimize information, whether big or small. You can start an office poll, gather up personal email addresses, or start a survey. Forms help you get answers as quickly and concisely as possible. With a variety of templates and options, from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blank, your Q&As can be set up in such a way as to provide you with the best and most pertinent information. Thanks to the smart organization, responses are neatly compiled for optimal analysis.


Slides is Google’s answer to PowerPoint. This excellent tool helps you give a pitch, create a presentation, or compile a slideshow. Make impactful presentations and tell inspiring stories anywhere, anytime.

File Storage and Management

With previously unprecedented cloud storage, Google Workspace allows its users to create, edit, query, and renew files from wherever.


Drive is a cloud-based data storage center that creates a haven for all your data, including:

  • Sheets
  • Docs
  • Music
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Slides


Google’s cloud computing service, Google Cloud, allows for secure and high-performance cloud services. It enables a business to go serverless and provides a host of robust data and analytics tools. Features include:

  • Virtual Computing
  • Storage Space and Databases
  • Networking
  • Big Data
  • Data Transfer
  • API Platform and Ecosystems
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud AI
  • Management Tools
  • Developer Tools
  • Identity and Security
  • Professional Services

Management and Administration

Smart tools make it easy and straightforward to manage and secure your users, devices, and files.


With admin privileges, you can manage a variety of tools within your Google Workspace account:

  • Admin roles
  • Analytics
  • Audit
  • Authentication
  • Billing and Subscriptions
  • Chrome devices
  • Communication settings
  • Company profile
  • Custom URLs
  • Data migrations
  • Domain names
  • Groups
  • Mobile Devices
  • Password strength requirement
  • Password strength monitoring
  • API Access
  • Reports
  • Services on/off
  • Service-specific settings
  • Single sign-on
  • Support
  • Two-step verification
  • Users


Vault allows a business to keep, manage, find, and send data to increase archival organization and eDiscovery. Vault retains:

  • Email Messages
  • Meet information
  • Drive files
  • Groups

And best of all, you can work from anywhere at any time since it’s all managed and accessed via the cloud.

Google Workspace Packaging and Pricing

At, we offer three Google Workspace packages to fit your needs.

  • Business Starter
  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus

These plans range from USD $6 a month to $18 a month. You can view what’s included with each plan right here.

Getting the Most out of Google Workspace

Here are some tips to help you maximize your use of Google Workspace.

  • Connect your domain name to your Gmail. 
    • Increase your brand recognition and authority with a professional email address. 
  • Create a memorable email signature. 
  • Utilize the labels feature in your inbox for better organization. 
  • Group email addresses. 
    • A nifty feature of Gmail is that you can catalog people or departments into groups for easier messaging. By adding the entire marketing team to a group, you no longer need to find and enter every email address. 
  • Verify your domain. 
    • Before you can start rolling with Google Workspace, you must verify and register a domain to confirm that no one else is using that domain without your expressed permission. At, verification is simple, letting you get to work in no time at all. 

Ready to Get Started?

When you choose Google Workspace through, it makes it easier to get your business accomplished online.

Purchase Google Workspace today by visiting this link or connecting with our teams so we can answer any other questions you may have.