Credible Connection: Why You Need a Professional Email Address

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Key Takeaways

  • Growing your personal or professional brand should include improving your online communications. 
  • A professional email address enhances your credibility and boosts your productivity.
  • has the email options you need to stand out online.

“Crash Man" was an awesome nickname in college. It served you well, and your fraternity brothers will probably agree that it reflected your adventurous and care-free approach to life at the time. As you’ve matured slightly, things have changed a bit. You have a place of your own, nice wheels and a new website that showcases your photography hobby that is now attracting paying clients. 

You’ve upped your game since the "Crash Man" days and now you’re ready to make a positive online impression. So when you’re responding to an email from a soon-to-be bride and groom that want you to help them remember the greatest day of their lives with photos, do you really want them to see your email address: “[email protected]?” That's probably not the image you want to project to a potential new customer, right?

While Gmail is great for personal email accounts, you’re ready to represent yourself and communicate in a way that says you’ve arrived and got it together. A professional email is the answer – here are three reasons why. 

1. Credibility

A professional email account gives you instant credibility and indicates to your audience or customers that you are organized and mean business. All of your email messages will reflect your professional email address that includes your domain name. Instead of “[email protected],” it will be “[email protected]” This builds trust with customers and vendors and reinforces your professional identity. 

When customers and prospects receive a professional email they are less likely to delete it or assign it to their spam folders. In addition, online spambots will sometimes block personal emails to an unknown address. These spambots react much more favorably to well-organized professional email addresses. Plus, because it matches your domain name, a professional email address is also easier for clients to remember and access.

2. Productivity

A professional email account will keep all of your business and website-related emails in one easy to access place. You will be able to find all of your sent emails to clients and vendors so you can easily track business transactions and files. Most professional email accounts also come with additional resources like word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. 

You’ll also receive ample storage space to keep all of your emails organized. For best results, look for a source that offers between 15 to 50 gigabytes (GB). In addition, cloud storage is a great resource that ensures all of your emails are backed up and easily accessible should you lose access to them.

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3. Connectivity

To help you stay well-connected, professional email accounts can be accessed by both you and your clients and vendors anytime, anywhere and typically include a contact list and calendars that you can share with your team. Easily accessible on smartphones and tablets, professional email makes it easy to stay in touch while you’re on the go or around the house. 

To protect your messages and information from being compromised by cyberattacks like phishing and other scams, professional email offers you reliable security features. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are emailing in a safe, secure environment that is specifically designed for your communications and connectivity needs. Has the Professional Email Options You Need to Stay Connected

At, we offer multiple affordable professional email plans that include a free domain name. We also feature plenty of storage and additional business tools with calendar, contact and task-related software. You can access your professional email account anytime, anywhere in an environment that is protected by cybersecurity resources. We back all of this up with a knowledgeable tech support team that is ready to answer your questions and help you make the most of your email experience. 

A Professional Email Address is a Better Way to Communicate

You’re taking positive steps forward in life and that should include your online presence and email address. can connect you with professional email options to help you stay in touch in an organized and credible way. 


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