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What is Domain Forwarding?

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Key Takeaways

  • What is domain forwarding and why does it matter?

  • Domain forwarding allows you to redirect multiple domain names to a single web address. 

  • has the domain registration and online tools you need to build a strong website and online presence. 

Have you ever had your mail forwarded? Maybe you were moving and wanted to have your letters, bills and packages sent from your old address to a new one. All you had to do was fill out a form with the postal service, give them your address and the place where you wanted your mail forwarded and everything was sent to your new location. 

So what is domain forwarding? It's the same concept. You can have online visitors of your domain address redirected to any online location on the internet. There are quite a few good reasons for utilizing and applying this service. How exactly does domain forwarding work and why is it important? Let’s take a closer look. 

How It Works

Also called redirecting, pointing or connecting, domain forwarding lets you automatically direct people who type in your web address to a specific location on the internet. If your domain name is registered with one online company but you built your website with another online resource, domain forwarding allows you to link the domain to the website. This gives you the freedom to work with the companies and resources that are best for your personal or professional brand. 

You can also link your domain to any landing page or microsite – featuring blogs or online stores – that you create for promotional or informational purposes. You can even forward your domain to a social media account so that when people type in your online address, they are directed to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Best of all, you can update your domain name link at any time to go to the website address of your choice. 

Linking Multiple Domain Names

If you have registered multiple domain names for your personal or professional brand, you can link them all to one website. For example, you may register a few variations of your domain name that includes misspellings or even alternate domain extensions (like .bakery in addition to .com). This gives your customers more ways to remember and find your website address, even if they type in your domain name incorrectly. 

Multiple domain names can potentially boost online brand recognition and attract more visitors to your website. Online search engines use geolocation extensions to help customers find businesses that are in their area and closest to them. For example, if someone in Canada searches for a photographer, photography sites ending in .ca will generally rank higher and be easier to find. 

The Domain Forwarding Process

When you forward your domain to link visitors to an online destination, you typically are using a forwarding only application. This option redirects visitors to a destination of your choosing and keeps the destination URL in the browser address bar. For example, when people type in your domain name, they will be forwarded to an address such as and this address will appear in the browser. 

There are good reasons for keeping the “forwarded to” website address in a browser bar. For example, if you are linking your followers to a charity page, you might want the charity web address to appear in the browser for credibility. Or if you are linking them to a promotional page like “” this helps your customer to see that they are visiting a special web page offering promotional specials.


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What is Domain Forwarding Good For?

Domain forwarding offers you value in the following ways:

  • Provides you with a constant online address for your personal brand or business that you can link to any online space you choose. 

  • Allows you to use your domain name even before your website is completed by linking it to a social media account, blog, or an eCommerce site like Etsy or eBay. 

  • Once you have a website, you can link multiple domain names to it to attract more site visitors and attention. 

  • You can redirect your domain address to a new online location at any time and for any reason – you are always in control. is Forward Thinking can help you with all of your domain registration and domain forwarding needs. Domain forwarding can be accomplished in a few easy steps and will help you make the most of domain name investment. We back all of this with expert customer support. If you need assistance, we’re with you every step of the way. As one of the original domain registrars, you can trust our experience and expertise. 

Your Link to Success

Domain forwarding allows you to use your website address to link visitors to any internet destination you choose. makes this process fast and easy. We’re always here to help you make the most of your online experience.


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