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Protect Your Website and Mobile Devices With Cyber Security Solution

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Key Takeaways

  • Cyberattacks are on the rise, and hackers are targeting websites like yours.
  • To guard your online passion, you need to protect your website and mobile devices.
  •’s Cyber Security Solution gives you peace of mind online.


Whether it is for a hobby, a passion or a small business, you created your website in the spirit of fun, enthusiasm and excitement. You want to interact with people who enjoy the same interests. Especially in these times of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to stay connected and keep in touch with the world around us. 

While you have the best intentions for your online presence, there are others who don’t. Hackers are active in record numbers and they aren’t just targeting large corporations. Nearly two-thirds of all online crime targets are unsuspecting small businesses and these attacks also include small hobby, influencer and enthusiast sites. With more people at home now and using mobile devices, you are even more susceptible to online crimes. You need a solution and here’s some good news: there is a security resource that will keep your personal information safe on your smartphones and tablets – and it’s easy and affordable to use. 

A Cyber Crime Fighter for Your Mobile Devices’s Cyber Security Solution safeguards your personal information on mobile devices from online threats. Tough on cyberattacks but easy on your budget, it protects your personal information and data when you are receiving emails, accessing websites (especially on public WiFi networks) or making an online purchase. 

This affordable and efficient security resource features an easy-to-use mobile app and also grants you access to a team of security experts available 24/7 to assist you.

A Small Price to Pay for Safety Online
For a reasonable monthly price, you will have access to professional-grade security on your mobile devices, plus the support of a team of security experts. It’s a small price to pay for online safety and it’s as easy as downloading an app on your smartphone. To subscribe to Cyber Security Solution, click here

Proven Security Experts Are on Your Side
If you have security concerns, you’ll have access to our Cyber Security Operations Center. And if you experience an online attack, this team will take action in your defense, recommend specific steps to resolve the problem and help you develop a plan to prevent additional issues in the future. 

On-the-Go Mobile Security
Wherever you use your mobile devices, you need to do so in a safe, protected environment. For protected internet browsing, Cyber Security Solution features a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that offers a secure and private connection to prevent hackers from using malicious websites to gain access to your private data. It constantly scans URLs associated with the webpages you view and flags any suspicious behavior, in addition to monitoring your emails and text messages.

Cyber Security Solution helps ensure that you are utilizing the latest operating system and have a passcode set to prevent outsiders from accessing your mobile devices.

Control the Airwaves with WiFi Protection
Hackers love unsecured third-party WiFi networks. To combat this challenge, Cyber Security Solution scans for threats and alerts you when a public or private WiFi network you join is potentially dangerous or under attack. This means that wherever you go, you’ll know you have safe, secure access to your mobile device.


App Attack Safeguards

You enjoy using your favorite apps, right? Hackers do too, but sometimes they use them to gain your personal information. To help prevent this from happening, Cyber Security Solution scans mobile apps for viruses and spyware and protects against threats. Should a breach occur, you will be notified so you can take immediate action. 

Take Control with Theft Prevention
If your mobile device is lost or stolen, help is on the way. Cyber Security Solution tools can help you find it with an email alert that includes a map of its location. You can also remotely lock or clear your mobile device and trigger it to take a photo and email it to you, which could help you find it.

Cyber Security Solution Protects Your Online Presence With Ease

With everything going on in the world today, the last thing you should have to worry about is a cyberattack on your website or mobile device. Cyber Security Solution protects your personal information and your customers' private data when you access the Internet on your mobile devices and gives you access to a knowledgeable security team. With this convenient solution backing you up, you'll be able to pursue your online passion with confidence, at home and on the go.


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