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WordPress Security: How Secure is WordPress?

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How Secure is WordPress

From our partners at SiteLock®

If you’re looking for a place to build your next website, chances are WordPress is one of the main options you're considering. The platform is one of the most popular and affordable in the market right now. Additionally, many websites operate on WordPress without any problems.

Is WordPress Secure?

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that like all things, there are means of hacking into a WordPress website. That said, below we’re exploring the question, “How secure is WordPress?” The best answer is - it depends on how security conscious the website owner is.

How Plugins Affect WordPress Security

All plugins can pose a danger to the security of your website. Allowing a plugin to sit idly in the background without any updates can present some serious malware risks, for example.

To reduce this, always use trusted and reputable plugins, and take care to continuously update them. Furthermore, be sure to delete any that are no longer in use.

Keep Your WordPress Theme Updated

Themes are essential components in WordPress as they help you dictate the look and feel of your website without an exceptional knowledge in coding and website development. Of course, these too pose security risks - particularly when you fail to update them. Always be sure to use well-reviewed, reputable themes, and diligently update them regularly to prevent any lapses in security.

Other Measures for Keeping WordPress Secure

Apart from only downloading trusted and well-reviewed themes and plugins, there are other steps you can take to proactively make WordPress a secure place to operate. One of those steps is utilizing website cyber security tools, and investing in a top-tier web application firewall to block malicious traffic. Scanning for malware and other vulnerabilities with patching tools would also be prudent.

It is a sad truth that the internet is filled with individuals seeking to gain unauthorized access by a variety of means. You need to keep your guard up, and use tools to protect yourself so as not to fall victim to cybercrime. Still, WordPress can be a very secure, and great way to build a website. And, if you keep security top of mind, you’re already much further ahead than most.

Keep your WordPress website safe and secure: 

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