5 Strategies for Online Reputation Management

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Key Takeaways

  • Online reputation management is essential for your personal or professional brand. 
  • Monitoring what others are saying about you online and correcting any problems will help you maintain a good image online.
  • Register.com has the online tools you need to protect your reputation.


You have a sterling reputation. You work hard, you go above and beyond for the people you care about and you are dedicated to sharing your passion with the world. But as spotless as your image may seem, all it takes is one negative online comment and your reputation can take a big hit.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it? The reality is that whether you have a website and online presence focused on a personal or professional brand, every online comment and review about you matters. And while nearly 60 percent of people say they should monitor their online reputations only 15 percent do. What can you do to make sure your online rep stays on the up and up? Here are few ideas to help protect your good name on the internet and beyond. 

Know What People are Saying About You

It’s hard to evaluate and manage your online reputation if you aren't in touch with what website visitors, customers and even complete strangers are saying about you and your brand. Monitor your website and social media comments to get the pulse of the online conversation. You will discover that some people have complaints that are unfounded or are making false claims that need to be addressed.

To help you keep up with the narrative, there are online reputation management resources available that will constantly monitor the internet to find comments and reviews about you and your website. These services will provide you consistent updates so you can take fast action and respond to any comments or reviews associated with your personal or professional brand. Some of the most popular online review resources include Podium and Mention

Admit When You are Wrong

When you upset a person or group in your online audience, sometimes you just need to apologize. When this is the case, admit you were wrong and say you are sorry for your comments or actions. This can be in the form of a social media or blog post or a message on your website homepage.

If you offended someone personally, an email could be in order and if you have access to a phone number, a call goes a long way too. Most people will accept your apology and move on in a positive way. Do the right thing and positive results will follow. Most people will appreciate your admission of an honest mistake and give you a second chance to make things right for your followers or customers. 

Be Responsive

When you see someone make a negative comment about you or your brand online, quickly respond. Let the person know that you are listening. If there is something you can do to repair the situation, offer options for doing so. Conversely, if someone makes a positive comment about you or your brand online, acknowledge it and thank the person for it. This will create a feel-good moment and help develop positive perceptions about your personal or professional brand. 

Taking quick action will also allow you to correct negative reviews, which are noted by online search engines and could damage your reputation and search ranking. Being proactive will also help you build an online reputation as someone who listens, cares and takes positive action in response to your followers’ comments and reviews. Responsiveness is a positive characteristic that your audience will appreciate.

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Ask Your Fans and Followers to Write Reviews

One of the best ways to encourage positive comments and reviews about your brand is to ask for them. If you run a small business, encourage a satisfied customer to post a positive review on your website and on sites like Yelp and Bing. Offer a discount on a future purchase in exchange for their comments and input. 

Encourage people to post positive comments in your online forum or eCommerce store on your website or have them write brief stories about your great service in their social posts. When you treat people right, most of them will be more than willing to openly support you and your brand. Many customers enjoy sharing a great brand experience. 

Utilize High-Quality Online Resources

People who have positive online experiences with your personal or professional brand will be more likely to post favorable comments and reviews. A great way to give your audience a positive experience is with a website that is easy to navigate and performs well. Register.com offers great web builder options plus website hosting packages to help you enhance your online presence. We support these resources with outstanding customer support to ensure your website is as hard-working and successful as you are.

Perhaps the best resource to help you manage your reputation online is Register.com's Business Directory with Review ManagementThis easy-to-use tool lets you monitor and manage your reviews all in one place. 

You'll be able to keep track of reviews and comments on search engines, directories and social media sites, and receive alerts whenever someone mentions your business. It's the perfect way to become part of the conversation with your customers and show that you care about their concerns.

We’re Here to Help With Online Reputation Management

Your reputation is important and needs constant nurturing. Register.com has the expertise and resources to help you maintain your positive personal and professional image. As your online partner, we’ll always help you be your best.


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