Ideas for Creative Domain Names This Holiday Season

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Key Takeaways 

  • The holidays are a great time to try a fresh approach to enhancing online presence.

  • Having multiple creative domain names can be useful in holiday marketing campaigns. 

  • You should explore all of your domain name options to ensure you find the right one.

 Who doesn’t love the holidays? We all have at least one that’s special to us. If you own a business, there’s probably at least one special day that’s important for your financial success as well.

Black Friday sales, tax-free weekends and other seasonal events demand a little extra creativity from businesses to grab the attention of consumers. One way businesses can make it easy for customers to interact with them is by registering creative domains and redirecting them to landing pages relevant to the occasion.  

Whether you have an online store, special holiday hours or other seasonal changes to your operation, you can use a domain name to help communicate that message to your customers. But before we get into how you can get creative with your domain names, let’s make sure we’re clear on exactly what we’re talking about when we refer to “domain names.” 

What Is a Domain Name? 

A domain name is an address of an entity on the internet, such as a website. Domain names consist of two parts, including a second-level domain and top-level domain (TLD) separated by a dot. An example of a domain name is our very own “,” in which “Register” is the second-level domain and “com” is the TLD.  

An important note about domain names is that second-level domains can be whatever you want, as long as they include letters, numbers, and hyphens and are not taken by someone else with the same TLD. You can’t customize TLDs the same way you can with second-level domains, but there are still plenty to choose from.

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A Useful Trick for Creative Domain Names in Marketing

As previously mentioned, domain names can be used as addresses for webpages, including ones that already have domain names. Take a Facebook business page, for example. It already has “” as its domain name, but nothing is stopping you from registering a new domain name and redirecting it to your Facebook page.  

You can do the same thing with website pages or online stores dedicated to holiday specials. Rather than telling customers to go to “” for holiday offerings, you can tell them to go to a creative domain like “,” and redirect them to the same page.  

This approach has an added benefit: it’s easy to measure the success of marketing campaigns that use this technique. Most website analytics software such as Google Analytics report “Referral Traffic,” which is the website traffic you get from external domain names, including domain names you redirect to your website. This will make it easy to see how many people used your creative holiday domain name to go to your website. 

Getting Creative With New Domain Extensions 

When you pick a domain name to redirect to a page about a holiday special, it’s natural to get creative with the second-level domain (the part before the dot), but have you given much thought to what TLD you want? *.com is the most popular TLD in the world, making it difficult to find one that isn’t already taken. However, there are plenty of new TLDs that can be just as effective.  

At the time of this writing, there are over 1,500 TLDs from which you can choose. Parsing through that list can take quite a bit of time, but we still have a few favorites. We suggest the following to help get your customers in the holiday spirit: 

  • *.blackfriday 

  • *.gift 

  • *.christmas 

  • *.help 

  • *.shop 

  • *.store 

  • *.online 

  • *.sale 

Premium Domains Provide Built-In Value 

Sometimes the perfect holiday domain name is taken by someone else. What can you do? 

Don’t give up! Premium domain names have built-in value. It could be that it’s a short domain name that’s easy to remember. Maybe it contains frequently-used keyword phrases that drive a lot of website traffic. Whatever the case, buying a premium domain name might not be as tricky as you think. You just need to know how to acquire domain names that are owned by someone else.

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Find the Perfect Domain for This Special Season

You have a big idea for your holiday special, but first, you need a domain name to match. Use this article as a guide to get started and soon you will have a web address that you will be proud to renew each year. The team would love to help.

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