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Trending Domain Names to Consider Registering

account_circle Team
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What Domain Extension Should You Choose?

Whether you're a seasoned domain registrar or a newbie taking your first step into the online realm, one question inevitably arises: "What domain extension should I choose?" It's a question that can leave you in a quandary, and we're here to help you navigate the domain extension maze.

The Tried-and-True Classics

Let's start with the classics—the time-tested, venerable domain extensions like .com and .org. These stalwarts have been the go-to choices for websites since the early days of the internet. There's an undeniable sense of credibility that comes with choosing a traditional domain extension. They are widely recognized, and when you see a .com or .org, you instantly trust the website a little more. After all, if everyone else is using them, why shouldn't you?

The Road Less Traveled

Now, let's venture into the realm of the less common, the road less traveled. Imagine a domain extension that perfectly encapsulates your website's essence. With the vast array of domain extensions available today, you can find a TLD (Top-Level Domain) that resonates with your brand or niche. Do you run a pizza joint? Consider a .pizza domain. Are you passionate about yoga and opening a new studio? Snatch up a .yoga domain. For graphic designers and creative agencies, there's the .design domain extension. The possibilities are endless, and choosing a unique domain extension can set you apart in a sea of .coms.

A Word of Caution

At, we're proponents of domain extension diversity. We believe that there's a TLD for every purpose and personality. However, there is one type of domain extension that we strongly advise against—the forced, awkward kind. You've probably encountered them online, those domains riddled with numbers, symbols, and creative misspellings that are more cringe-worthy than catchy. (You’ve seen them out in the wild, we’re sure of it — chock-full of numb3rs, symb0lz, and mizpellNGs that are painful to read and interpret.)Avoid them like the plague, as they can confuse visitors and harm your online reputation.

Trending Domain Extensions in 2022

If you're curious about which domain extensions have been making waves in 2022, you're in luck. We've compiled a list of 10 trending domain extensions that have caught our attention:

image of a list of 10 trending domain extensions

10 Trending Domain Extensions

As we navigate the digital landscape of 2022, the world of domain extensions has witnessed a colorful array of TLDs gaining traction. While there are many noteworthy domain extensions making their mark, we'd like to shine a spotlight on some of the top trending TLDs.

  1. .ME: More than just a domain extension, .ME empowers personal branding and individual expression. It's ideal for personal blogs, portfolios, and creative endeavors that make your online presence uniquely "you."
  2. .CO: With its universal appeal, .CO has become synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship. It's a top choice for startups, tech ventures, and businesses looking for a memorable online identity.
  3. .XYZ: As a versatile and contemporary TLD, .XYZ is a popular pick for websites across diverse industries. Its simplicity and modernity have made it a favorite for businesses, bloggers, and creatives alike.
  4. .CHAT: In an era of digital communication, .CHAT brings people closer. It's a fitting choice for messaging apps, customer support platforms, and online communities that thrive on conversation.
  5. .COACH: For professionals in coaching and mentoring fields, .COACH is a standout choice. It signifies expertise and guidance, making it perfect for life coaches, career coaches, and mentors.
  6. .XXX: As one of the most recognized domain extensions, .XXX caters to the adult entertainment industry. It provides a distinct online space for adult content creators and businesses.
  7. .BIO: .BIO is the go-to TLD for personal and professional biographies. It's embraced by individuals, authors, and organizations looking to share compelling life stories and achievements.
  8. .LIFE: A domain that celebrates life in all its facets. .LIFE is versatile and can be used by a wide range of websites, from personal blogs to wellness platforms and family-focused content.
  9. .FUN: If your website's primary goal is to entertain and engage, .FUN is an excellent choice. It's a vibrant domain extension that sets the stage for fun-filled online experiences.
  10. .TODAY: The .TODAY extension lends a sense of immediacy to your website. It's perfect for news outlets, event organizers, and anyone delivering up-to-the-minute content.

Selecting the right domain extension is a crucial step in establishing your online presence. Each of these trending TLDs brings its unique character and appeal to the digital landscape. Whether you're building a personal brand, launching a startup, or creating a platform for communication, there's a domain extension that aligns with your vision. Explore the possibilities, and choose the one that resonates with you and your audience.

Register a new name with one, two, or all ten trending domain extensions today!