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Trending Domain Names to Consider Registering

account_circle Team

What Domain Extension Should You Choose?

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time registering a domain, one question remains the same — “What domain extension should I choose?”


And what a good question that is — so good, we can see the debate happening in your head.


Do you go tried-and-true, registering a TLD like .com or .org? There is something uniquely special in choosing a traditional domain extension; they impart that particular sense of credibility that only the most ubiquitous, widely recognized things can. If everyone else is using them, why not you?


Or do you choose the road less traveled, err... domain less registered? (After all, it could make all the difference.) The great variety in domain extensions that currently exists means there’s a TLD for just about everything. Do you dream in marinara? Check out .pizza. Do you find enlightenment by training your body and others’? Register a .yoga domain for that new studio you’re opening.


At, we consider ourselves domain extension absolutists — championing TLDs of all stripes and colors. There’s really only one kind of domain we caution against… the forced, awkward kind. (You’ve seen them out in the wild, we’re sure of it — chock-full of numb3rs, symb0lz, and mizpellNGs that are painful to read and interpret.)


But, if you’re curious as to what TLDs others have been registering, then take a look at the list below. In it, we’ve captured 10 domain extensions we’ve noticed trending in 2022.

10 Trending Domain Extensions

Do any of these domain extensions pique your interest?

  1. .ME
  2. .CO
  3. .XYZ
  4. .CHAT
  5. .COACH
  6. .XXX
  7. .BIO
  8. .LIFE
  9. .FUN
  10. .TODAY

Register a new name with one, two, or all ten trending domain extensions today!