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Why You Should Register Multiple Domain Names For a Website

account_circle Team
Woman Registering Domains

Key Takeaways

  • There are several good reasons to register multiple domain names for a website.

  • Multiple domain names will give people more ways to find your website in a crowded online space and marketplace. 

  • Attracting more people to your website helps you build your personal and professional brand. 

  • has the domain registration and online tools you need to build a strong website and online presence. 


It’s finally happened – your vision has become reality. You’ve created a great website, found an outstanding website host you trust and are excited about the memorable domain name you have registered. What more could you want? Actually, you probably need a few more domain names. Wait ... what? 

Just hear us out. Your domain name is your website address but it is often beneficial to have more than one. Multiple domain names will help to ensure your website visitors can quickly and easily find you in a crowded online space. Here are four reasons to consider registering more than one domain.

1. Domain Name Misspellings and Typos

No matter how easy your primary domain name is to remember and spell, you need to account for human error. Consider adding domain names that include some common potential misspellings of your website address. For example, if your domain name is “,” you may also want to register “”, “” and even “”. This will help to ensure that customers and prospects will have a better chance of being led to your website even when they incorrectly type in your site address. Also, if your personal brand or business formerly had a different name, it’s a good idea to register the old name as a domain “keepsake” and link it to your new website. 

2. Top-Level Domains

Some common domain name suffixes you often see online include .com, .co, .biz,., .org, .ca and .us. While you will want to secure one of these for your business, new top-level domains are a great opportunity to also register a descriptive name that is unique to your industry. Domain endings like .plumber, .photography, .bakery, .golf, .faith, .guru, .help and others will allow you to stand out from the crowd and highlight your area of specialty. Adding a TLD-registered name will also help to prevent competitors from registering a domain name similar to yours that could make it harder for customers to find your website. A TLD domain will also make it easier for customers to remember your website address.

3. Geolocation Considerations

Online search engines use geolocation extensions to help customers find businesses that are in their area and closest to them. For example, if someone in Canada searches for a photographer, photography sites ending in .ca will generally rank higher and be easier to find. People also generally support businesses in their own country. When they see a country-specific domain extension, it can create positive feelings which lead to brand loyalty. Another important consideration is if you have websites for offices in multiple countries, you should add a country-specific suffix (if available) to each site to enhance search capabilities and attract more local website and business traffic in each of your locations. 

4. Sales and Promotions

One of the best things about online marketing is that you can track and measure results.

One effective way to do so is to create a landing page for a specific promotion with its own domain name. You can register multiple domain names for a website and cycle them out for various promotions.

For example, if you are an artist, you can set up a simple landing page with a few of your paintings that are on sale, then promote this with a Facebook or Google ad that features a link to the promotional landing page. Your domain name for this might be “” or something similar to encourage customers to visit. You can then track the number of landing site visitors – and sales – to determine the success of your promotion. A domain-specific landing page is a great way to promote your inventory during a seasonal event, for example. Can Help with Your Domain Name Needs makes it fast and easy to search for, find and register the domain names you are looking for to represent your website and brand. To help make getting online simple and stress-free, we also offer website builder options plus website hosting packages. We back all of this with a secure registration process plus ongoing support to help you achieve your online goals. As one of the original domain name registrars, you can depend on us to help you secure the right name for your needs.

Man Registering Domains

Register Multiple Domain Names for a Website and Expand Your Online Horizons

Registering multiple domain names will give people more ways to find you and your website. At, we know a thing or two about the domain registration process and can help to make the process easy, affordable and productive. Depend on us for all of your domain needs. 


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