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Work Smarter, Not Harder With Pay-Per-Click Advertising

account_circle Team
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Key Takeaways

  • Too many entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and small business owners take the hard approach to digital marketing. 

  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can be an effective alternative to more manual marketing methods. 

  • can help you run effective PPC campaigns tailored to your specific needs.


Technology is supposed to be a means of making our lives easier and reducing our stress. Now, that's not always true in practice (looking at you, ever-expanding email inbox), but in many cases, it's patently obvious just how much of a difference a few timely patents have made. 

For example, I'm typing this in a digital word processing application that saves my work with every character entered. If I want to share it, I press a little button that says "share" and enter the email address of someone I want to share it with, and voila! The number in their email inbox ticks up by one and now they can read my work. 

Or, let's say I've written the Great American Novel in my spare time, and now I'm ready to share my hidden masterpiece with the world. In just a few hours, I can purchase a website, name it whatever I want, get the ball rolling on a unique, professional site design, send over the digital book to be added to an eCommerce store, and then sit back and sip some tea while an entire online shop devoted exclusively to selling "Et Tu, Orange Julius?" (not a real book, don't bother searching for it) comes to life. 

There's the old saying about how Rome wasn't built in a day, but truthfully, a digital Rome probably could be. 

So, here comes the question, digital entrepreneurs, hobbyists, aspiring winners of Nobel prizes in literature, photographers extraordinaire, knitters of mittens and hats, painters of cats — why in the world, with all of this technological wonderment at your fingertips, would you go about promoting your idea, dream, hobby or passion in the hardest way possible? Why would you take on the burden of managing the ins and outs of a digital marketing strategy when there are tailor-made solutions available? It's like making toast without a toaster. Like making waffles without a waffle maker, trying to shape the hot batter with your hands. It's madness. But before we explain the cure for this craziness, let's take a closer look at the condition. 


The Manual, Painful Approach to Digital Marketing

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: 

  • Sharing your work on ancient Internet forums where there is a list of rules a mile long for you to comply with before you can say "hey, check out my new song/book/painting, etc." Snobbery abounds.

  • Asking friends and family to spread the news of your freshly constructed online presence. Aka, "grandma, please share this link with your Facebook friends." This approach can net you a few clicks, but it is not without shame.

  • Posting links to your work on social media repeatedly, leading some connections to privately denounce you as "that person," an insult that is devastating in its vagueness. 

  • Fighting your way up the ladder of natural search. By way of comparison, this is like getting in a very long line at a theme park and toughing it out for several hours, because you forgot to book your Fast Passes. Tragic. 

  • Sending emails and creating posts in random online venues asking others to review your work. This is a gamble. There is no telling if this will result in a kind, five-star review, or a one-star review from someone in a foul mood (Janet_the_Wise strikes again). 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you are nodding your head in recognition, then chances are you are a victim of a widespread, but only partially-true belief: that working very hard and putting in long hours to promote your work will eventually result in success and exposure. I say it is partially true because, of course, hard work is essential to almost any enterprise. But trying to compete for online attention through hard work alone is ineffective. If you're in a rowboat, and your competition is in one of those speed boats from a 1980s crime movie, it doesn't matter how hard you row. Row all day if you want; you will never catch the faster boat.

What you really need is a nice outboard motor to power you on your way. That's where Pay-Per-Click advertising comes in. 


Throwing a Little Money at the Problem

You have probably heard the phrase, "you have to spend money to make money." Unfortunately, it's true. For a long time, I hoped it was one of those sayings that fall apart on closer examination, like "happy as a clam" (we have no way of determining the emotional state of bivalve mollusks), but when it comes to achieving online success, making some sort of financial investment in your venture is usually essential.

For getting your online presence out there, outside of your group of friends, family members and retired grandparents' besties, one of the very best investments you can make is in pay-per-click-advertising.

You're probably familiar with pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, but if not, the main thing you need to know is that PPC is a great way to drive traffic to your website and get found online more quickly by more people. In the simplest terms, it's a digital marketing strategy where you pay a fee each time one of your ads get clicked. Rather than "earning" clicks organically through search engine optimization (SEO), you pay to get more visits to your site. Thinking back to the theme park analogy, if building slowly through SEO is like waiting in line, PPC is your Fast Pass to the front.

Using PPC advertising, you can increase your brand awareness through paid ads and get more conversions as compared to organic advertising methods. 

PPC isn't the right option for every website or business, but if you are tired of using the (somewhat embarrassing) hands-on marketing methods we outlined above, it could be a great choice for you. Remember that PPC is like a faucet; you don't have to keep it running at all times. When you work with a credible PPC partner, you'll be able to analyze your results and turn your campaigns on and off as needed. Instead of advertising 24/7, your ads will be automatically targeted to audiences at the optimal time of day.

Putting money into any new project can be intimidating. But remember that PPC works by delivering your desired result (a click on your ad), in return for payment. This means that if your goal is to get more people to visit your website, the results of a good PPC campaign will speak for themselves.


Pay Per Click Advertising is Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Partner of Choice

Three million. That's the number of enthusiasts, hobbyists, small business owners and dreamers serves every day. We are your first choice for help with pay-per-click advertising because we know exactly what you need. When you turn to us for PPC services, you will:

  • Work with Google ads-certified experts who understand PPC inside and out.

  • Watch your campaigns grow and perform with on-demand reporting.

  • Get a customized PPC advertising plan that matches your actual needs.

  • Receive ongoing campaign adjustments based on real results, not some hypothetical, cookie-cutter scenario.


We work with scores of online entrepreneurs, artists and business owners just like you to enhance their online marketing. We'll do the research and take care of the legwork, so you can focus on chasing your big idea. 

It's all about making the most of your time. Sure, you could spend all day on forums and on social media, trying to get people who may or may not be interested to see what makes your idea special. Or, you could spend a little money on a PPC campaign targeted to exactly the person you're looking for, the person who is already looking for you. 

Three million is a big number, but there's a more important number in play here: one. That's the number of big online wins you need to fuel your dream. The number of successes you need to get off on the right foot and convince yourself, in spite of all the challenges, that your hard work pursuing your passion has been worth it. There will be a two, a three, a four and hopefully a 500. But it all starts with one. And is the one resource you need to get that first win and many more to come.

The world of PPC awaits. A world of opportunities to showcase your ideas and passion to people who would have otherwise never seen them. People well outside of your inner circle, who are looking for that exact special something you have to offer.

Want to start doing things the easy way? We're ready when you are.

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