Hobbies That Make Money Online and How to Pursue Them

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Key Takeaways

  • It’s possible to turn a passion into a profitable experience by finding hobbies that make money online.
  • Converting a hobby into an online business may be easier than you think. 
  • Register.com has the online tools you need to build an online presence and business. 


Hobbies often provide us with a great escape – a way to relax and have some fun outside of our normal routines. But what if you could find a way to make a little income on the side from your pastimes and what if it leads to even more? What’s the old Zen saying? Make a living doing something you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Whether it is by accident or by choice, there are some hobbies that can be converted into income and sometimes even full-time employment. Here are a few ideas for taking your passion and making it profitable.

Start by Developing an Online Presence

No matter what your hobby or interest, you can do more with it and make it marketable by creating an online presence. Doing this is low-risk, easy to accomplish and highly affordable. Start by choosing a domain name with some flare and register it. Consider some interesting domain extensions like .fun, .guru or .expert. Next, build your own website that is focused on your passion and update it frequently with content featuring the things you love most.

Connect social media accounts to your website to help spread the word about your interests, attract more visitors to your site and tell the world about your new brand. Once you build a following, set up an online store on your website and make it easy for your followers to become customers. Register.com can help you with all of your online needs, from website builder options to blog sites to professional email and eCommerce

Examples of Hobbies That Make Money

To help you explore rewarding possibilities, here are a few passions and hobbies that can be converted into part- or full-time businesses.

Are you an enthusiastic seamstress, baker, gardener, interior designer or crafts extraordinaire in your spare time? There are others who share your interests and they would love to hear about your experiences and learn from your expertise. Start a blog and become part of an online community where fellow enthusiasts look for your advice and guidance and trade opinions with you. You can easily get started with a WordPress website then continue to expand your blog content and attract more followers over time. 

Once you build a following, you may attract sponsors who will pay you fees to advertise on your blog. Blogging also can lead to becoming an influencer where companies will pay you and supply you with free or discounted merchandise to write blogs and reviews about their products for your audience.

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Steps to Starting a Blog

  • Understand your audience – Knowing who you are writing to will help you create meaningful content that resonates with your followers.

  • Create your blog domain – Develop a website or site section for your blog posts and register a domain name that provides an easy-to-remember website address for your audience.

  • Customize your blog’s theme – Create a look and layout for your blog that compliments your subject matter and appeals to your readers.

  • Create a working title and profile – Come up with a blog title that reflects your blog’s focus and a description that showcases what your blog is all about. 

  • Identify your first blog’s topic – Make a splash and capture market attention with a first blog that speaks to your audience and sets the tone for future content.

  • Update your content frequently – Create a content calendar and post frequently to keep your audience engaged with your articles and brand. 


If you love to take photos in your spare time, people always appreciate great images. The huge popularity of sites like Instagram and Flickr are examples of how creative photography can lead to a large following. “Stock” image resources like iStock and Shutterstock are looking for photos from various categories, including business, sports, nature, landscapes and cities and will buy the rights to high-quality photography.

Your website gives you a great opportunity to showcase your photography and attract followers – and customers. Narrow your focus (so to speak) and choose a speciality like family portraits, real estate photography or weddings. Offer to shoot a session for free to get started, build a portfolio and help to forward your brand. 

Use your social platforms to link people to your website to see the latest examples of your work and learn more about your photography services. Be sure to ask for positive online reviews from your satisfied customers. This will help to build your credibility and brand and will also attract the attention of online search engines. 

If you have a passion for working out, you’re not alone. It seems like everywhere you look, you’ll find runners, cyclists and even people enjoying yoga and pilates sessions. While you may not have the funds to start a workout facility, you may not need to. With more people than ever staying home, people are looking for online fitness videos and classes.

Create a video fitness library of your favorite workouts and put them on your website. You can shoot basic videos with your smartphone and upload them to your site. You don’t have to be a professional videographer – many fellow fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the unpolished and “gritty” style. 

Promote your fitness videos on social media and charge a small membership fee for access to them. Encourage people to tell their friends and family about your services by offering membership discounts for referrals.

During this time when some students are engaged in virtual learning, online tutoring services are in demand. Use your website to advertise your services and schedule appointments with students and their parents. For remote students, you can meet with them through live video chats resources like Zoom and Google Hangouts.

As schools continue to reopen, you can still use your website to promote your tutoring business and schedule in-person sessions. This is a great way to combine your life-long love of learning with the opportunity to help students reach their potential. Best of all, you will be making it easy for parents and students, who understand the value of your services, to link to your business.

Do you enjoy the delicious smells of sweet treats in your oven? Do you love the satisfaction that comes from creating these delectable goodies even more? If so, baking could be a great business for you. With many areas of the country affected by coronavirus restrictions, you may start out by sharing baking videos and recipes for a fee online. 

When the pandemic subsides, you may find a market selling your baked goods to bakeries and sweet shops and even directly to your customers. Be collaborative. Look for an online board or forum to connect with other bakers and share ideas about your craft while growing your business. Online networking is valuable and can help you connect with likeminded individuals.

Let’s Work Together to Build Your Business

Your hobby is starting to become a business. You bring the passion, we’ll bring the online resources and together, we’ll make it happen. At Register.com, we’re always here to help.


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