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Protect Your Customers' Privacy & grow your business

What you get with TRUSTe Privacy Seal:
  • Privacy policy that makes your customers feel more comfortable providing their personal information
  • Higher sales online and offline driven by a sense of security for your customers
  • The TRUSTe Privacy Seal that millions of shoppers know and trust
TRUSTe Privacy Seal
These businesses trust TRUSTe:
Businesses that trust TRUSTe
  • A system to meet Federal guidelines on customer privacy that will give your customers peace of mind.
  • A system to meet Federal guidelines on customer privacy that will give your customers peace of mind.
  • A seal you can share with your customers to demonstrate your commitment to customer privacy.

A Quick and Affordable Solution

Without an accurate and up-to-date privacy policy, you can be exposing your business to serious and unnecessary risks. For a small business that can't afford a lawyer or chief privacy officer, these risks are sometimes difficult to know and understand. TRUSTe offers solutions for businesses to demonstrate compliance to meet federal privacy laws as well as ensuring customer confidence.

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What are the TRUSTe Privacy Policy products?

TRUSTe Privacy Policy is a wizard-driven privacy policy generator. It allows you to easily create, and maintain, a privacy policy that accurately reflects the practices you use in collecting and sharing information about your customers.

TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal includes the wizard-driven privacy policy generator, an initial scan and certification, a seal that displays when TRUSTe certifies your web site, and periodic scans to help you preserve consistency between your privacy policy and practices.

Am I required to post a privacy policy on my web site?

If your web site doesn't collect information about visitors, a privacy policy is usually optional. If you collect data, some industries, states, and countries have privacy policy requirements. For example, if you collect data from users who are located in California, you must post a privacy policy regardless of your own location.

How is a privacy policy valuable to me and my customers?

Increasingly, customers expect online businesses to post a privacy policy. The level of customer sophistication about privacy practices is growing rapidly and customers are likely to leave a web site if it's privacy policy is unclear or doesn't indicate a sufficient level of commitment to protecting information. Remember that customers hold businesses legally responsible for any discrepancies between their policy and practices.

How do TRUSTe products save me money?

The TRUSTe Privacy Policy wizard allows you to create, post, and maintain a privacy policy at minimal expense. It's far less expensive than hiring an attorney or consultant—or spending the time to research and write a privacy policy on your own.

TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal gives you all the convenience of the wizard, and displays the TRUSTe Seal to show your customers that your business's privacy policy has been examined and certified by the leader in privacy policy certification. That translates to lower abandonment rates and more revenues. In addition, the certification process associated with the TRUSTe Seal alerts you to discrepancies between your privacy policy and practices, before they result in costly conflicts with customers. Finally, if TRUSTe receives complaints about your business, they mediate a solution between you and your customer.

Can I purchase TRUSTe Privacy Policy for domain names that are not registered with you?

Yes, you can purchase TRUSTe Privacy Policy for any domain names. They don't have to be registered with us or use our DNS Hosting.

How long does it take to create a privacy policy and certify my site?

Creating a privacy policy using the TRUSTe wizard only takes a few minutes; inserting it into your web site code takes a few more.

If you purchase TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal, it only takes a few minutes to insert the Seal code snippet into your web site code, and a few minutes to notify TRUSTe when you're ready for them to scan your site. If TRUSTe's certification scan indicates that your site is consistent with your privacy policy, they may activate your TRUSTe Seal in two days or less. If they find inconsistencies, they notify you, and then reevaluate your web site within two days after you notify them that the problems have been resolved.

How does TRUSTe identify discrepancies between my privacy policy and practices?

TRUSTe scans for consistency between your privacy policy and practices if you subscribe to Privacy Policy with Seal, but not Privacy Policy.

TRUSTe uses a variety of approaches to verify consistency between your privacy policy and your information collection and sharing practices. They notify you of any inconsistencies they identify.

What are my responsibilities in earning and maintaining my TRUSTe Seal?

The TRUSTe Seal confirms that your web site's data collection practices and your business's information-sharing practices are consistent with the text of your privacy policy.

TRUSTe publishes Program Requirements that describe your responsibilities in the TRUSTe Seal program.

How will I know when TRUSTe certifies my site?

If you have placed the TRUSTe Seal code snippet in your web site, the Seal will become visible when TRUSTe certifies your web site. If TRUSTe finds any problems with your web site, they contact you for resolution.

How do I manage my TRUSTe subscription?

Log into your Account Manager and find the "TRUSTe Privacy Policy" section and click on the link within the row of the Privacy Policy subscription you want to configure, click the domain names.

To manage any aspects of your subscription that are handled at TRUSTe, click "Login to my Control Panel". Follow the instructions in the TRUSTe Control Panel.

Can I edit my privacy policy, update the content of my Web site, or change my information-sharing practices after TRUSTe has issued their Seal?

Yes, you can make changes as needed. You do not need to notify us or TRUSTe when you do so (but be aware that their user agreement requires you to maintain consistency between your business practices and the content of your privacy policy). These changes can all be made through the TRUSTe Control Panel.

Can I edit my privacy policy, update my Web site, or change my information-sharing practices after TRUSTe has issued their Seal?

Yes, you can make changes as needed. You do not need to notify us or TRUSTe when you do so.

What happens to my privacy policy when privacy laws change?

TRUSTe does not change your privacy policy as privacy laws change but they do add new selections to their wizard that reflect the legal changes that you can incorporate into your privacy policy if you wish.

From time to time, we or TRUSTe may notify you of significant changes to privacy laws that make it advisable to review, and possibly update, your privacy policy.

Can I use my own verbiage for my privacy policy?

No. If you use TRUSTe products, you must use TRUSTe's verbiage.

Can I change the domain name that's associated with my TRUSTe Privacy Policy subscription?

No. Once you associate a domain name with a TRUSTe Privacy Policy subscription, you cannot change it. If you need a TRUSTe Privacy Policy for a different domain name, you would need to purchase a separate subscription.

Is there a limit on my use of my privacy policy or the TRUSTe Seal?

There is no limit on displays of your privacy policy.

There is a limit of 50 impressions per day for the TRUSTe Seal. An impression is tallied each time a visitor opens a page that displays the TRUSTe Seal.

How do I renew my TRUSTe Privacy Policy subscription?

Your subscription to TRUSTe Privacy Policy, or TRUSTe Privacy Policy and Seal, renews automatically.

In what countries do you offer TRUSTe Privacy Policy?

TRUSTe Privacy Policy is available to customers in the following countries

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States