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Single-User Professional Email (

The ideal single-user solution with the features, storage and mobile access you need to keep up with heavy email use.

  • 1 Business Email address/mailbox based on your domain name
  • 2GB of storage for messages
  • Easy set-up of forwarding and POP3
  • Responsive, easy to use webmail interface
  • Integrated Calendar and Contacts
  • Anti-spam and virus protection
  • Experienced Customer Support available 24/7
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Starting at
$34.95 /yr.

  • IMAP lets you easily view, access and manage your email (including images and attachments) from any web-connected PC and most mobile devices.
  • POP3 allows you to download your email to your desktop using your favorite email software, such as Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Mac OSX Mail.
  • Email Forwarding allows you to easily forward your emails to other email accounts (such as Yahoo or Hotmail).
  • Calendar and Contacts gives you easy access to your contact information, and lets you schedule and email appointments right from your mailbox.
  • Anti-Spam Filters block unwanted spam from cluttering your mailbox.
  • Anti-Virus Protection helps detect and block viruses sent through email.
  • 2GB of storage gives you ample storage space.
  • 50MB Attachment size gives you the ability to send large files such as presentations, videos and graphics.
  • Mailboxes in Professional Email offer optional services from our partners. They do not display banner advertising.

*Please note that all email mailboxes for a given domain must be the same type. To check what type of email account you currently have, please login to your Account Manager

  • Represent your brand with every message you send.
  • Get the storage and features you need.
  • Send and receive email messages from any computer with Internet access.
  • Send and receive large attachments that are critical to your business.

Promote Your Company With Every Message You Send

A business email address gives your company name high visibility and sends a more professional message to your customers than a generic email address from Hotmail or Yahoo.