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What If The Domain Name You Want Is Taken?

Let's face it, the incredibly intuitive names like are taken, and have been for some time, but that doesn't mean you can't get a name that works for your business. When customers call us for help with selecting a domain name, we usually start by explaining that having the .com extension does not necessarily guarantee success. It's the effort you put behind getting your domain name out there that makes the difference. A .net or .biz extension can have every bit the chance of getting found as a .com-it's the awareness campaign behind the name that can make the difference.

You can also make slight adjustments to a domain name choice while still keeping the general feeling by adding "a", "the", "home", "site", "online", "my", or even by appending a state abbreviation, like: GenesBikesNY or: NYBikesbyGene. You can also try using numbers in your name, so if you're going into business with your siblings and ThreeBrothers is taken, try 3Brothers. Another example is using the number 4, as in: Limos4Hire.

Should you find the .com available at first shot, you'd do well to secure the other available extensions. You can use those other domain name extensions to point to or link to your .com Web site, increasing your chances of being found.

If abbreviations or variations won't do, and you're willing to enter into negotiations for an already taken domain name, you can make an offer through an online exchange service offered by Afternic®, acting as the conduit for your bidding and exchange, Afternic will hold the agreed upon fee in escrow until your negotiations are complete.

Obtaining the domain name you want for your business is not an impossible task. With some creative thinking and an understanding of how you plan to promote your domain name, you should be able to find one that works for your business.

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