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Web Site Forwarding: Teaching New Stores Old Tricks

Your Web site is like any retail store - if you drive more people through the door, you will probably generate more business. Using Web site forwarding, a feature that lets you forward traffic from one Web address to another, you can employ a couple of basic offline retail strategies to help grow your online business.

Put a better sign out front

Do you have a great Web site that lives at a difficult or unprofessional address like ( You can keep the site and improve the address by simply forwarding a more memorable, professional Web address (like to that site. You can even "mask" the forwarding address so your visitors never see the less desirable address in their browser window.

Open up more locations

Securing multiple addresses and forwarding them to one Web site gives you more chances to get traffic to that site. Just like you would with a real address, you can anticipate where your visitors are likely to go (relevant words and phrases) and put yourself there. If you have already protected your brand name by purchasing different extensions (.biz, .info, .us) or variations (misspellings, similar names), put them to work! Forward them. You could be wasting traffic to these addresses. offers two Web site forwarding services. One is a free service that comes with every Web address and includes an advertising banner that forwarded visitors will see at the bottom of your Web site. The other is a premium version without the banner that you can purchase. To take advantage of either of these services, log in to your account.

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