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The Key Search Engine $ecret

You need traffic. You know search engines can deliver customers to your site. You've followed some basic search engine optimization instructions, you've tried some free submission tools, maybe even submitted paid listing requests, but you need more. What's the secret to uncorking the traffic potential of search engines?

Maybe money. Many online businesses rely more on traffic from keyword advertising than from search results. Keyword advertisers create text ads that search engines display whenever specific words are searched for. Advertisers pay a set fee only when searchers click on their ads--the reason that this arrangement is often called pay-per-click advertising.

Keyword advertising fees are typically based on demand. Ads coupled with popular words and terms with broad commercial appeal generally cost more per click than those with more specific, narrower terms. In the most competitive categories, companies outbid each other for the best positions, driving up the cost per click. But in more closely defined categories the price per click may be relatively low,even for the best positions.

Although nearly all search engines accept some form of advertising within their results displays, reputable ones clearly differentiate between paid listings and search results, so buying keywords won't buy your way into higher rankings. But it can ensure that qualified searchers always find your ad.

Top search engines that offer keyword advertising include Google and Overture. Both are partners and offer more information here.

Peter Girard is Director of Marketing Communications at

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