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Make Your Words Look Meaningful

Understanding and conveying the hierarchy of information may be the most important aspect of page design. Consider what you want readers to see first, second, and third. A book or magazine often organizes information (after visual images) by title, subtitle, and paragraph; try to approach your information in the same way.

Make your title jump. Make it larger than the rest of the text, make it bold, make it a different color--you can even do some or all these. Your subsections, whether they're subtitles or introductions, should stand apart from the paragraphs, but make them less noticeable than your titles. And make sure you keep them consistent, or you'll risk blurring your hierarchy. When it comes to denser blocks of text, obviously make them smaller, but try to keep from becoming hard-to-read.

Here's an example in Verdana (a font with strong screen readability):

My Vacation
Our U.S. Road Trip 2003

   August 20th
We begin our trip the evening of August 20th, good-bye New York City, it's time to see the rest of the United States.

August 21st
First stop Pennsylvania....

Jennifer Frost is Art Director at

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