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Hi-res vs. Lo-res

If you're wondering about the difference between using a high-resolution image and a low-resolution on your site, I can help. Basically, low-resolution images are used on the Web, and high-resolution images are reserved for print.

Resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch). Because a computer screen views images at 72 dpi, we optimize images to 72 dpi for the Web. Graphics optimizers that can help you do this include Adobe's ImageReady and Macromedia's Fireworks.

The only place where you might find high-resolution images (150 dpi and up) on the Web is a stock photography site. They provide low-resolution images for Web use, and high-resolution images for print. When buying stock photography for your site, choose the (cheaper!) low-resolution image. If you plan on using it in print, too, buy the high-resolution version and optimize it for your site.

Jennifer Frost is Art Director at

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