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Which image format should you use? The two factors to consider are file size and image quality; you want to keep the file size down for quick viewing while maintaining the best clarity. In general photographs should be jpgs, and graphics - solid blocks of color (non-photorealistic images) should be gifs. The best way to demonstrate this is visually:

Use .jpg for photos...

.gif: 5.51k .jpg: 4.94k
.gif: 5.51k .jpg: 4.94k

Use .gif for graphics...

gif: 1.68k jpg: 2.17k
gif: 1.68k jpg: 2.17k

There is an up-and-coming format, PNG, which is only supported by the leading browsers in version 4 and above, and it's beginning to replace .gif. Call me old school, but .gif works perfectly fine for, so we aren't planning to switch for now.

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