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Do They Get It?

Do they know what they're getting?

Do users know how to find what they want on your site? Do they know what you sell? Or how to contact you?

One of the biggest questions you will encounter when designing a Web site is whether visitors "get it." You may have followed all my advice about keeping it simple and organized, but because everyone's thought process is different, you won't know whether what you intended comes through until people start using your site.

One of the best ways to conduct a Web usability test is to recruit your friends and family to try out your site. So pick up some take-out, go to their houses (where they may use different Web browsers or operating systems), and watch them click. Give them some tasks to do: place an order, get contact information, find something specific. If they get frustrated or take a long time, then you know you may have more work to do.

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