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Let's say you've registered your domain name, set up your email, and you're working on an exciting, creative design to really impress your customers. Are you doing anything wrong?

You might be, if people who find your domain can't get information about your new business. Don't wait until you've built an amazing site to create something (anything!) at your domain to tell surfers that your doors are open. Anyone who reaches it before you've launched your site may never come back. So you might have already lost your first (or second, or third...) customer while you were finalizing your design.

Some registrars (like automatically provide Web pages with every domain name registration so you can at least create an online business card that shows your email address and phone number.'s lets you upload pictures and add text, so you can tell visitors who you are, what you sell, and when your exciting, creative site will launch. With luck, you might have your first client before then.

To launch a sample site on a domain name you already own, go to the Account Manager and click on Do It Myself Website.

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