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Online Tools You Need to Know About

Our gurus' top picks on some great tools


If you’re starting a business on a shoestring, you no longer have to worry about spending money on high-priced software to get your small business up and running. Thanks to new Web-based software, you can turn on your computer and start working today. Read our two webtools guru’s top picks for great online tools.

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Here are my top three picks of great online tools. My theme here is working smarter – and often web tools can help you do just that.

1. Google Docs (docs.google.com) gives you simple and easy-to-use word processing and spreadsheets via the Internet. This one is particularly good if you’re collaborating with clients or co-workers because you can easily share documents with Google Docs, and it automatically keeps track of who changed what and when in the document.)

2. PingMe (www.gopingme.com) – You may post your reminders about calls to make or meetings to attend on your calendar, in your email or on post-it’s on your desk but this webtool gives you a great alternative. Once you set up a PingMe account, whenever you need to note a specific reminder, you can either set up a ping on the PingMe website, or you can send an email to your PingMe account. Then, PingMe will send you an email at a specified date and time to remind you. You can even set up PingMe to nag you with emails every 10 minutes until you’ve completed an important task.

3. Basecamp (www.basecamphq.com) – This is a tool I’ve personally used a lot and it’s really effective when you’re sharing multiple documents with customers or partners. Basecamp, a web-based collaboration tool, that eliminates the need to shuffle documents back and forth over email. With Basecamp, you can easily manage projects and your customers can sign-in and check the progress of your work. Basecamp allows you to keep track of To Do items or project milestones; share documents, images, and other digital files; and track time spent on various tasks.


Ok Barry, working smarter is important but there’s something to be said for easy to implement tools and really cool ideas. Check out some of these tools – there are some great ideas here!

1. Zoho Writer (writer.zoho.com) – I know Barry mentioned Google Docs – which is a good tool – but this is another free web-based word processing software worth mentioning because it’s so easy to use. After a simple sign-up process, you can start creating the necessary documents for your small business today.

2. Jott (www.jott.com) – Next time you are away from you desk and you have a great idea you can virtually “jott” your idea down using www.jott.com. Here’s how it works: After registering with Jott, the next time you have a brainstorm and you’re away from your computer, you can dial Jott’s toll-free number and leave a voice mail for yourself.

Jott then translates your message into text and emails it to you. The next time you check your email, you’ll see your message to yourself delivered via Jott. It’s the perfect way to capture those ‘flashes of genius’ that always occur to me on the drive home.

3. YouMail (www.youmail.com) – Talk about working smarter! Here’s an interesting tool. Say you want to leave the office for the day but you’re still waiting for a call from an important customer. With YouMail, you can create your outgoing message for specific callers that only they will hear. After you set up your YouMail account, you can use YouMail’s web-based tools to specify specific voicemails for specific people in your life – one voicemail for one customer, another voicemail for another customer, a unique voicemail that only suppliers will hear, there are all sorts of possibilities for this service.

In addition, if you receive a voicemail that you’d like a co-worker or customer to hear, with one click YouMail allows you to forward voicemails via email.

Myles Trachtenberg and Barry Bassin
WebTools Gurus
Barry Bassin and Myles Trachtenberg Gain insight from the experts on the tools you need to make your web business the best it can be.

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