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Go Mobile for Less

This Advertorial article is written and sponsored by Peek

Business doesn’t pause every time you leave your desk. Your customers count on you to be responsive to email around the clock, but you can’t stay chained to your desk all day.

To stay competitive you need to be plugged into email at all times, but that gets difficult and expensive. Laptops are bulky and you need to find wifi signal to make them work. Smartphones are convenient, but it’s impossible to get one without signing up for a 2-year, $1,000+ contract.

Peek is the first mobile provider to offer flexible, no contract, low cost connectivity solutions for value-minded businesses.

What is Peek?

Peek is an affordable and easy-to-use mobile device that sends and receives email & text messages anywhere in the US – no wifi necessary.

Unlike expensive smartphones, Peek charges a flat rate for unlimited data use – as little as $15 per month. Best of all, you pay month-to-month. No contracts. No activation fees. No hassles.

Peek helps boost your business’ mobile productivity without a hefty price tag. You get the essential tools for productivity without the distractions of cameras, browsers or voice.

Peek is designed for people who need to be productive on email 100% of their day. Your job isn’t always a desk-job, so you need a business tool handy enough to carry in your pocket.

No matter the size of your business, Peek offers a grab and go solution for your mobile communication needs.

Why Choose Peek?

  • Affordable – Peek is the lowest cost solution available
  • Flat monthly fee as little as $15
  • No contracts, no credit checks, no paperwork
  • No distractions – pay only for what you need
  • Plug and play – set up in 60-seconds
  • Easy to use – no training necessary
  • Long battery life (3-4 days per charge)
  • Sturdy hardware – withstands a beating

Raves for Peek:

“Recession-friendly email device… you can’t beat Peek on price!” – Wall Street Journal

“Sophisticated design, easy to use.” – BusinessWeek

“Refreshingly uncomplicated.” – USA Today

“An easy, cheap way to keep in email contact.” – The New York Times

Learn more at www.GetPeek.com

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