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Understanding Domain Name Extensions

Learn the most common uses for various domain name extensions


Some business owners have found great success in registering a memorable domain name with an extension other than the ever popular “.com” … but before you jump at a name with an alternative extension be sure you understand the common uses for that domain type. Here are some of the most common uses for the most common domain name extensions in the industry today.

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When you’re choosing a domain name for your Website, you may find that some of the names you want aren’t available with .com extensions, but are available with .biz, .info, .cc, and other types of extensions. Before you decide to register a domain name with an extension that you’re not familiar with, it’s a good idea to take the time to educate yourself about the different options in extensions for domain names.

Common Domain Extensions

.com – This is the most popular and desirable extension for domain names. If the URL you want is available for domain name registration with a .com extension, you’ve hit the Web domain jackpot. This extension was the first one used to represent online commercial enterprises, and is the one people most commonly associate with business Web sites.

.biz – The .biz extension is typically used for small business Web sites. While it’s generally preferable for small businesses to choose a .com URL if available, .biz is a good alternative or additional domain.

.cc – The .cc extension is unrestricted and can be used for any type of business in any location.

.mobi – With the increasing popularity of Web surfing via mobile devices, more and more companies are creating secondary Web sites designed especially for viewing via Internet-enabled cell phones. Such sites typically have a .mobi extension.

.org – This extension is reserved for chartered nonprofit organizations, such as trade associations and charities.

.edu – The .edu extension is reserved for degree granting academic institutions.

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