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5 Tips to Better Mobilize Your Business

Despite the ongoing mobile revolution that’s dramatically changing how companies do business, thousands of companies are yet to begin thinking strategically about mobile.

 In response to projections from Digitimes Researchthat global smartphone shipments will increase 30 percent to more than 865 million units in 2013, today’s leading business and marketing analysts say this amounts to 865 million reasons why mobile needs to be a bigger priority for businesses.

 If you’re concerned that mobilizing your company is too costly or ambitious, particularly in times of economic uncertainty, think again. Here are five cost-effective tips to help your business benefit from mobile’s huge momentum.

 1. Do a Mobile Health Assessment

 Before a diagnosis can be made, a mobile health checkup is the first order of business for your business. Take some time to observe how your competitors use mobile for sales, marketing, customer service, etc. Who are your customers and what benefits do they stand to gain from your going mobile? Once you’ve assessed and decided what your company and your customers need, you can begin building an appropriate mobilization strategy.

 2. Accept Mobile Payments

 According to the National Retail Federation, nearly half of all small retailers will be using a mobile payment app within 12 to 18 months. Regardless of whether you’re an online business or a brick-and-mortar operation, a mobile payments solution isn’t something you should be without.  In addition to replacing yesterday’s expensive point-of-sale systems, the ability to process mobile payments means you can pursue new exposure opportunities by taking your products to trade shows, fairs, and other public events. With secure and reliable mobile payments systems like PayAnywhere, you can accept credit card payments on all IOS and almost any Android device in return for a small transaction fee.

 3. Go Mobile with Your Website

 Creating a mobile websitesounds like an elaborate, time consuming, and costly process. The good news is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Register.com’smobile website service makes it possible to create a mobile website in minutes. Best of all, the underlying technology is smart enough to detect when customers are using a mobile device so that your website’s presentation is optimized for mobile using the same domain address.

 4. Launch a Mobile App

 With myriad free and fee-based mobile app development services available today, there’s never been a better time to create an app for your company. From AppMakr, which helps you build a simple app for free, to Conduit, a fee-based app maker allowing for social media integration, user reviews, e-commerce options and more, there are high quality and extremely affordable solutions at every turn.

 5. Stay Trendy

 Consumers are tethered to their smartphones today in ways previously thought unimaginable only a few short years ago. As a result of the huge opportunities on the horizon for mobile commerce and mobile advertising, groundbreaking new technologies and services are making headlines with surprising frequency. Stay apprised of these developments andrevise your strategy accordingly as new techniques and technologies prove more effective than what you’re presently doing.

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