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Top 5 eCommerce Consumer Pet Peeves

Building a successful online presence for your business takes plenty of time and hard work. Unfortunately, all that effort can easily go to waste if potential customers encounter any one of a number of surprisingly common eCommerce pet peeves.

So what can you do to retain the online shoppers you’ve attracted? Here are five helpful tips to ensure you don’t annoy them.

1. Limit Barriers to Access

Online shoppers are in hurry. Any barriers that restrict prompt access to information will be a deterrent to new customers. In particular, pop ups ads, required registration, and software installs can zap an online shopper of their enthusiasm and patience like nothing else.

2. Be Transparent

Customers gravitate toward eCommerce sites where product and customer service information is available at-a-glance. If a shopper can quickly determine how much an advertised product costs and how they can swiftly and securely purchase it, your chances of making the sale improve. Bottom line: if you make customers search for any information for too long, they only thing they’ll definitely keep searching for is another store to patronize.

3. Promote Your Site’s Security

Regardless of the quality products and eye-catching design you present to visitors, if the security of your site raises the faintest of doubts with a customer, there’s little chance he or she will entrust you with their credit card information. If you secure a PCI-complaint payment solution from a trusted provider like North American Bancard (NAB), inform customers on your website that you’re an advocate for high level security standards that protect consumers just like them.

4. Simple Navigation

 Simple and streamlined eCommerce navigation is a must. If a customer gets lost and can’t return to a desired product page, you may lose the sale. Make it a snap for visitors to find what they need and painlessly return if additional browsing leads them astray.

 5. Keep Content Fresh

 Your products could be the most cutting-edge on the market, but if you have a blog that hasn’t been updated in a year, customers may view your entire brand as stale. Keep you content fresh and reflective of the times. A blog is not only a great way to drive repeat traffic, it’s also the best way to convey that you’re a knowledgeable authority in your field.

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