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Paid Search Marketing

Drive site traffic by marketing on search engines


Marketing on search engines, using text advertisements or sponsored links, is now a reality for small business owners. Learn how paid search marketing can drive traffic to your website.

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When you think about marketing on search engines you most likely think of keywords and link strategies but paid search marketing is another avenue you should definitely consider. Paid search marketing (the text ads or sponsored links you find in the margins of search engine results) has proven to be extremely effective for many large corporations and now – thanks to new search engine marketing solutions for small business, paid search is not just for the big guys anymore.

What better time to advertise to a person than exactly when they have indicated their interested in a product or service by searching for it. And, for a small business, paid search marketing allows you to set a specific budget cap for your advertising campaign. You can create a search advertising campaign that will fit within your budget whatever it may be.

So how do you get started advertising on search engines? The major search engines all have their own advertising programs (like Google Adwords for example). Additionally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Register.com has just launched an end-to-end solution with everything small businesses need to execute their paid search marketing campaigns. This solution is worth checking out … but here are some other things you should also keep in mind when marketing on search engines:

Keywords – search advertisements are based on keywords too. You may want to take a look at the list of keywords you built for optimizing your website, and use those words to trigger your search advertisements.

Competition – being specific about your industry and geography can often lower the cost of paid search marketing so know the budget you have to spend and do some research to learn what results you can expect from your marketing dollars.

Ads – with many of the paid search marketing systems, you will write your own ad. When writing your ad, you should think about what may attract a customer most to click on your ad and visit your site – is it your price or is it your expertise. In addition, you’ll be able to test various ads and see which ones perform the best. Take a look at the ads performing the best and see if you can improve those ads even more to entice more visitors.

Landing page – If you’ve written a search advertisement for a specific product, include the URL in your ad for that specific product page on your site. Some people mistakenly include only their home page URL with all their search ads – where visitors may not immediately see the information they wanted and may quickly click to a competitors site.

One last tip to consider: Marketing on Search Engines (whether through paid search marketing or natural search/SEO) often requires a little trial and error before you strike gold but with a little knowledge and persistence, you could be driving your site traffic (and your sales) to new heights in no time.

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